The Kitsune Method

Individual Honours Project  |  24 Weeks

Packaging & Sustainability Design

A product family of refillable makeup containers based upon 4 types of makeup: creams and lotion, 10ml liquid, powder and stick cosmetics. These containers are washable, refillable and recyclable; creating a closed loop.

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Research, problem & opportunities

Research illustrated makeup is used by a variety of people, age, gender and for a range of events; and there is a huge opportunity to push the development of sustainability packaging and to change the current system in the makeup industry.


Initial 3 concepts

Feedback and more research reflected that all cosmetics can be catergorised based on the forms makeup comes in. This led me to develop four refillable makeup containers that can be refilled with any products that have the same forms.

Initial Concepts

Design Criteria

Research, feedback, and concepts led me to this design criteria. These are arranged based on the hierarchy of needs.

1. Product Material, function & experience

2. Product lifecycle & system

3. Primary users

4. Product aesthetic & benefits


Development based upon usability


Powder container development

During exploration, I found that stacked, friction-fit palette pieces with no hinge is the best combination because it allows user customisation. Powder palettes made this way are compact for storage and require only one material, increasing sustainability.


10ml Liquid container development

My aim with the liquid container was to maximize bottle neck width. My exploration revealed that a middle component and interchangeable applicators were necessary. I concluded that screwing the applicators into the lid was the most versatile method.

The final form is a variation of the twist design form from the cream container.


Stick container development

The process of developing the stick container brought to light that a push-and-twist system surpassed a simple push system. A push-and-twist system required less packaging and does not overshoot the makeup product.


Cream container development

The main aim for the cream container was to create a wide bottle neck to allow for easy cleaning. During development, I learned that another component between the bottle neck and the lid was needed to retain makeup product and prevent spillage. Inspired by a childhood activity called “Dot-A-Dot” that used a sponge as a sieve, I added a sieve to my component.



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Cosmetic Project 1 .jpg

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Cosmetic Project 2.jpg