Week 5 - "Be kind to one another" - Ellen

Prior to coming to Europe, I was petrified of going to a foreign place alone. With all the negative media and my parents always telling me to stay alert and don’t be gullible to scams, it has definitely led me to become worried and anxious about my trip. So to those who had crossed my path and helped me at some point during the past 5 weeks, I cannot thank you enough for making me feel welcomed! I am so grateful to have met good, kind, friendly people who were so willing to help me because they understood that moving far away from home wasn’t easy.

This week I had a design orientation and afterwards there was a university party on campus. I was blown away by my whole day on the design campus. The facilities were so cool and frankly, I was surprised that universities had parties on campus itself! It wasn’t even a lame party! It was kinda dark with some strobe lights, there was cool music, they sold beer at the party and they had a photographer as well! Let me remind you this was in a room in the university; not a restaurant or cafe area, like during the day this party room was a collaborative student study space.

After my friend and I got a beer, man it was awkward. The whole room was filled with German students we didn’t know and honestly it felt like highschool again where everyone was in their little group. So we went up to a group and introduced ourselves and...we made friends! YAY! Not going to lie, I love meeting new people but hate to be the first to say hello or to introduce myself. I am actually a really shy person. But throughout the night, I mustered the courage and went around saying hi to new people and I noticed something. It seemed like the sentence “I am from New Zealand” is like a magic phrase/gateway to people’s interest in you. Again, I had plenty of conversations about New Zealand to the point where I wondered if I was actually qualified to be promoting New Zealand when I am not a Kiwi myself. But I guess that is a deep thought for another day! (...and I’ve lived there for long enough)

Also, Germans love their Whatsapp! If you want to connect with people in Germany, you use Whatsapp. Like if you ask for someone’s facebook and facebook messenger, they question you as if you were born in the wrong century. It was like Whatsapp is for the cool kids and facebook was for grandmas. So I found this experience interesting. Every country I had been organizes get togethers and events on Messenger; it’s especially handy for projects because it has poll functions and event reminder. I reckon it would be interesting to see it I end up switching over to Whatsapp as my preferred app.

Next week is officially my first week of class and having to sort out my timetable for the 100th time is getting tiring because I have SO many clashes. However, I am still pumped and excited for things to come! It will be a juicy post next week so come back and read it this time next week! Also if you prefer photo updates, please follow on instagram @clrgn_design and you will always be given visual updates of my latest adventures!

See you soon!!


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