Week 4 - I love Oktoberfest (Wiesn)!

Looking back, week 4 was a really chilled week. I went to Oktoberfest twice and spent a weekend in London to catch up with some old friends!

If you haven’t been to Oktoberfest before but love mini amusement parks, food and beer? Definitely go to Oktoberfest! I had so much fun that I wanted to keep going back! The first time I went, I just went to see the atmosphere, what was there to do; and of course I had to try some beer! The second time, I rode on rides, played games and of course, I had round 2 of beer. I would’ve liked to go for a third time but I had spent quite a bit during my second time there.

If you are going to Oktoberfest, prepare to spend a little because after all, it is a popular tourist destination. Try not to bring backpacks. Small sling bags are best! Beer at Oktoberfest are only sold in 1L mugs and I was told by my German buddy that don’t always expect change, try to give them exact with a bit of tips. This is true because the second time I had beer, my friend and I did not get any change back. It was an awkward 3 seconds between the waiter, my friend and I because I was expecting a bit of change but I didn’t get it. Also if you are not given precise change, don’t heckle the waiter/waitress cause they really do get annoyed with you and you won’t get good service at all. If you don’t like crowds, it is best to go during the weekdays and first thing in the morning at 10am. Timing does make a huge difference to your experience at Oktoberfest. The later in the day, the more crowded it gets and the more drunk people there are! Going both during the day and the night is also recommended because both provide such a different atmosphere. Want a gorgeous view?! Go on the ferris wheel at night, you can see nearly the whole of Munich!

After my experience at Oktoberfest, I am certain that after I earn some extra cash, I would love to go back one more time! I miss the rides, the food and the atmosphere!

Coming from New Zealand, it finally sunk in that I am now in Europe. Most European countries are accessible with flights that are less than a day and that is so crazy! I booked my tickets to London and within 2 hours, I ARRIVED IN LONDON! I had been to England and London before, so this weekend was mainly a trip to catch up with old friends and make a wee visit to Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen. It was a gloomy reception. I arrived and it rained. I woke up and it rained. But just as I was leaving to the airport back to Germany, the sun came out. Nevertheless, I still had a blast seeing my friends, eating and of course going to eat avocado gelato that was made to look like an avocado at Snowflake Gelato!

Looking back at the past 4 weeks I had been here, it has been such a crazy, fun and cool experience and who knows what next week would be like! So stay tuned to my blog and instagram @clrgn_design to see what happens next!

See ya soon!!


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