Week 3 - Week 3 already?!

It is my third week here and I am already slacking by forgetting to write blog posts! Will definitely try my best to be more disciplined and actually do weekly updates. haha!

This week was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Due to an electronic lottery system, I found out that I got into all the odd philosophy and history courses from a different department but didn’t get accepted into courses from my own department. I then had to go to add/drop course session to comprehend how I did not get into the course that I actually needed. Instead, the best that could’ve been done was I was put on a waitlist. I was definitely stunned that I didn’t get accepted into a course in my own department, but I just needed to be patient and hope that I won’t be on the waitlist for long.

Apart from course selection, week 3 has been a crazy week! I went on the BMW plant tour, the Allianz Arena tour and ended my week by attending a Bavarian Brunch hosted by the International Club. I would highly recommend both the BMW plant tour and the Allianz Arena tour. The BMW plant tour was about 2 hours but it gave a detailed explanations and an extensive look at the whole factory. They show you how steel sheets are pressed into molds to make car parts. They show you the robots welding parts together. They show you how the car is assembled together. They show you the spray painting process and the coats required to achieve the end result. They even produce the interior seats and upholstery in the same factory! As a future designer and seeing car production first hand was truly a remarkable experience. It enhanced my knowledge about manufacturing processes and this was like showing me a real life application of the manufacturing processes. My inner design nerd was over the moon from the sight of the whole process!

I had a similar experience with the Allianz Arena tour as well. Personally, I am not a huge football fan but I thought since I was in Germany, it would be a waste if I didn’t look around. Oh boy! I am so glad I did!! Again, it was a tour packed with detailed information and we were shown not only the field, but also the changing rooms, press conference rooms and how players got in, out and around the football stadium. Usually, football game tickets at this stadium are incredibly difficult and expensive to get and with this tour that took me around the inside of the stadium, it was such a cool experience!

To top the week off, I ended my week by going to a Bavarian brunch arranged by the University’s International Club! They had beer, pretzels and sausages and they were bottomless! What is better than starting your day with a glass of beer! There was Bavarian music as well and some members of the club wore Dirndls and Lederhoses! It was such a lovely social gathering for internationals to meet locals. There, I also met more people from various parts of the world and again we engaged in hilarious, memorable conversations.

I had such a great week sightseeing, learning and meeting new people but surprisingly, I am also really excited to start classes and seeing what that is like! I have two more weeks left where I will be going to more places and hopefully making a trip to London! So whilst you wait to read about my adventures next week, go look at some photos on my instagram @clrgn_design and give it a little follow ;) !

See you soon!!


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