Week 2 - Am I still jet lagged???

It has been a week since I’d moved and despite beginning to get used to things, my initial thought that I was not jet lagged might have been wrong! I had been occupied and getting enough rest but I now feel extremely tired. I had been running on adrenaline for the past week and now its running low and I think it is easy to forget to look after yourself when you are away from home. There is a whole new place to explore which is incredibly exciting but having a balance and looking after yourself is just as vital.

This week was also orientation week and it was so lovely to meet so many new people. Of course it was awkward at first but after that awkward hello and where are you from and what do you study, everything became smooth sailing. Funny enough, my new found friends and I bonded over New Zealand hahaha! Many have either been or are planning to travel to New Zealand. So most of the conversations I had were sharing the best places to go in New Zealand, describing what is it like to live there and having to explain why I didn’t have a New Zealand accent. In exchange, my friends talked about Spain and shared what it was like in Spain. By the end of the talk, I was so ready to go to Spain and try proper Spanish food!

The University and the International club had been great to organise activities and next week looks like I am going to be busy! Not to mention, Oktoberfest (Wiesn) kicks off end of next week as well! Catch my blog next week to find out what activities I’m up to and let’s see if my jet lag is still there in week 3. Don’t forget to follow my instagram @clrgn_design as well!


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