Week 1 (Part 2) - Keep calm and get a data plan!

Thank you Google Translate! Thank you Google Maps! And thank you data! They have gotten me through my poor navigation skills and language barriers for the week!

Staying cool and calm is a must when in a foreign country! The first few days had been stressful and it is easy to get stressed and impatient when things don’t seem to go the way it is suppose to. But honestly, the best way to handle any situation is to stay calm! Having been here for nearly a week, the language barrier has definitely been a challenge. It is also the first time in my life that I had to google translate all of the instructions and to manually input numbers just to connect to wifi. It is experiences like these that made me realise I’d been very privileged; when I had to set up wifi in New Zealand, everything was done by the technician.

Learning from Duolingo and having to converse in German are two completely different things! Duolingo is a great way to start learning languages but it had not given me the confidence to try to converse in German.

I think prior to going on this exchange, I definitely had a certain level of expectations and misconceptions; and I think that this is the beauty of this exchange opportunity! Experience is the best way to learn. I had read a number of blogs to ease my nerves before I went on exchange but soon realised no amount of blogs I read and time I had spent on Duolingo had fully prepared me for the challenges I faced.

Nevertheless, I am ready for the next challenge so let’s bring on week 2!! See you soon for upcoming posts and follow my instagram @clrgn_design to have peaks of my wander around Europe!


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