The Countdown

Ever since my first year of university, I’d planned to study abroad at some point during my degree, hoping to learn and better myself as a designer. After months of emailing, filling forms, interviews and waiting; things have finally been confirmed and I am happy to say, I am given the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Germany. Knowing that I will be abroad soon fills me with both excitement and anxiousness of the unknown. But I am confident that my anxiousness will slowly fade as I settle in Germany.

After an exhilarating first semester of essays, designing medical equipment and making kick scooters; I refreshed by playing Khalid’s Talk whilst on little road trips to various towns and cities in New Zealand. But in the meantime, I am finishing up preparations to leave, doing some packing and setting up the shop for this website! Will try to get everything up and running as soon as I can! So get excited!

See you in my next blog post!

Clara G.


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