Group Project  |  15 Weeks

Light Design

A lamp and lantern that helps children navigate around the house at night. In teams of five we also need to incorporate elements of Open Design into our light.

This project was completed incorporations with Infineon Technologies AG and Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship; and was awarded the LUXI award 2020.


Navigation & safety brainstorm


Problem we identified as a team:

Children navigating around the house at night 



Based upon the problem we identified as a team, we decided to create storyboard to understand user experience.



The below shows some examples of night lights that are currently in the market. It reflects that consumers do not have the luxury to personalise their lamp and most lights stay in one spot, only illuminating a certain area at night. We also looked into wireless charging, especially inductive charging.


Initial ideation & sketches


Design criteria developed

Research and ideation made us realise the needs for the lamp and lantern:

1. To align it with OpenDesign, lamp components needs to be easy to find, build and affordable.

2. Needs to be easy to set-up, use and maintain.

3. Needs to have a long product lifecycle and grow with the child.


CAD & Making prototype

We decided to use two different types of 3D printers and 2 tubes of acrylic to achieve our desired look and function of the light. The double wall acrylic will allow for the child to interchange any images they would like to have with them, creating an emotional attachment.


Business, marketing & website

What we offer.JPG


To respond to the brief, as a team we developed three different types of kits that consumers can purchase according to their preference.


Website prototype

We prototyped a website on Adobe XD and shows the three kits that we provide: one is the full lamp, the second option excludes the 3D print components and the third option excludes the 3D print components and electronic components. These options allow for more flexibility and creativity for the consumer.





Polaris 2.jpg

Polaris 2.jpg

Polaris 3.jpg

Polaris 3.jpg